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FY15 Student Water Research Grant Program

This year's grant recipients will be posted soon.

2013-2014 Colorado Water Institute Funded Student Projects

David Kamin, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Faculty sponsor: Steven Fassnacht
"Exploration of Morphometric Approaches for Estimating Snow Surface Roughness"

Timothy Stephens, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty sponsor: Brian Bledsoe
"Investigation of the Effects of Whitewater Kayak Parks on Aquatic Resources in Colorado"

Adam Herdrich, Ecology
Faculty sponsor: Dana Winkelman
"Nutrient Retention and Productivity in Rocky Mountain Streams Under Alternative Stable States"

Sam Hagopian, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Faculty sponsor: James Klett
"Impact of Limited Irrigation on Health of Three Ornamental Grass Species"

Anastasia Bacca, Psychology (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Faculty sponsor: Chad Mortensen
"The Effect of Normative Trends on Water Conservation"

Natalie Anderson, Geosciences
Faculty sponsor: Ellen Wohl
"WOOD: Windows Of Opportunity for Debris Retention in Response to 2013 Front Range Flooding"

Erick Carlson, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty sponsor: David Cooper
"Ecological Functions of Irrigation Dependent Wetlands"

Research Opportunities