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August 2019

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Hydrology Days 2019 at a Glance
By Sarah Millonig and Russel Dickerson

Hydrology Days Keynote Speakers
By Stephanie Kampf, John Hammond, Abby Eurich, and Kira Puntenney-Desmond

Student Awards — First Place

Assessment of Acoustic Flow Measurement Instrumentation for Mean Flow Measurements
By Mathew Klema, Abdul Pirzado, Timothy Gates, and Karan Venayagamoorthy

Recovery of Nitrogen in Anaerobic Digestion by Nitrification
By Ismail Alhelal, Kenneth F. Reardon, Lucas Loetscher, and Sybil Sharvelle

Snow Surface Roughness Across Two Scales Considering Canopy Characteristics
By Bradley Simms, Steven Fassnacht, and Eric S. Thomas

Student Awards — Second Place

Predicting the Impact of Soil Salinity on Crop Production: A Look at Traditional and New Approaches
By Ansley Brown, Allan A. Andales, and Timothy K. Gates

Evaluating the Effects of Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Urban Roadway Flooding
By Katie Knight and Aditi Bhaskar

A Hydrologic Analysis of Big Bear Creek Watershed
In Iowa By Lily Conrad and Steven Fassnacht

Student Awards — Third Place

Flood-Producing Storms in a Current and Future Climate Using High-Resolution Convection-Permitting Solutions in the United States
By Erin Dougherty

Real-Time Visualization of Advective Groundwater Flow
By Zachary Ferrie

Quantitative Assessment of Floodplain Functionality Using an Index of Integrity
By Marissa Karpack

Modeling Hydrologic Processes Associated with Soil Saturation and Debris Flow Initiation During the September 2013 Storm, Colorado Front Range
By Sujana Timilsina

Effects of Snow Persistence on Soil Moisture and Soil Water Nitrogen along the Colorado Front Range
By Alyssa Anenberg

Characteristics of Water Use Across 124 Urban Centers in the USA: What Did We Learn?
By Cibi Vishnu Chinnasamy

Sorting Patterns in Curved Channels: Flume Experiment Observations
By Danny White

A Shower Water Reclamation System To Address Colorado House Bill 18-1069
By Julie Dauer

Instream Flow Recommendations Web-Based Tool for Colorado
By Panagiotis D. Oikonomou, Ryan R. Morrison, Rumpal Sidhu, and Tyler Wible

Hydrology Days Extends Historical Legacy
By Patricia Rettig

Water Science and Engineering for Global Solutions: A CSU Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence
By Neil Grigg

Colorado Water Center Announces CSU Faculty Grants
By Catie Boehmer

2019: A Snow Year to Remember for Western Colorado
By Peter E. Goble and Russ S. Schumacher