Who should register for the SWIM?
The SWIM is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of their major. By taking advantage of CSU’s outstanding water expertise, students can familiarize themselves with the many dimensions of Colorado’s water management system and prepare themselves for careers in water management or graduate study in a water-related area.

How do I sign up for the SWIM?
Discuss your plans with your academic advisor. Be sure you understand which courses you are required to take and how these courses will affect your schedule of classes for your major(s).

Schedule a meeting with the SWIM Advisor to review your Degree Audit Report (DAR) and complete the ennoblement form. The SWIM Advisor is Julie Kallenberger. Office hours are by appointment only.

You are responsible for submitting the completed enrollment form to the Registrar’s Office (located in Centennial Hall). Once the Registrar’s Office has approved your form, the minor will appear on your DAR.

How many credits are required to complete the SWIM?
The SWIM requires you complete 21 credits, including a minimum of 12 upper-division (300- 400-level) courses.

Elective courses range from biology and ecology to chemistry and physics. Students interested in the social sciences can enroll in electives focused on sustainability, economics, policy, and governance. The SWIM also offers courses on climate change, water pollution, engineering, and marine biology.

I have taken all the courses and my DAR says that I do not have my Upper Division Elective. Is there a problem?
The computer system that the University uses for tracking your requirements is unable to determine the correct course to move to the Upper Division Elective. As a result, the Upper Division Elective requires a form to be handed into the Registrar identifying which class is to be the elective. At the beginning of your last semester you need to review your DAR and complete the form for the Upper Division Elective.

If I take a course that counts towards my major or another minor, can I also use this course for the SWIM?
Yes – absolutely. If the course satisfies more than one requirement this does not affect the minor.

Can I substitute courses within the SWIM?
Substitutions for the Core Courses and Foundations of Water section are not allowed. Substitutions for courses under the Context of Water section will be reviewed on an individual basis. You must provide written justification for the proposed substitution and provide the syllabi for both courses.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the SWIM?
For additional information or questions about the SWIM, please contact Julie Kallenberger.