Each year the Center funds a select number of Water Faculty Fellows through our Competitive Grants Program. These awards provide an unique opportunity to accelerate progress in research, teaching and engagement for faculty at CSU.

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2017 CSU SOURCE: Water Center Announces Seven Grant Recipients


Jesse Burkhardt
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
From Information to Prices: What Drives Residential and Commercial Water Demand?

Kelly Curl
Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Integrating Green Infrastructure within Land-Use and Water Planning

Yoichiro Kanno
Assistant Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Stream Fish Conservation in Extreme Habitats


Ellen Wohl
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Toward a Quantitative Estimate of Organic Carbon Storage in River Corridors of the United States


Meagan Schipanski
Assistant Professor, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Improving Precipitation Use Efficiency in Dryland Cropping Systems


Stephanie Malin
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
When Water Rights Ebb into Energy Development: Unconventional Oil & Gas Development and Changes to Water Allocation in Northern Colorado

Ryan Bailey
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Developing a Framework for Simulating the Fate and Transport of Salinity Species in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

Ed Hall
Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Uniting Water Related Research Expertise in Latin America at CSU


Ashley Anderson
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Technical Communication
Floods, Communication, and Climate Change: Exploring the Role of Media Use and Interpersonal Discussion in Connecting Water-Related Extreme Weather Events to Perceptions about Climate Change

Dale Manning
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Storage, Markets, and the Inter-Temporal Allocation of Colorado Water