CSU Water Center’s Strategic Map (2016-2018)

Vision: CSU will become a center of excellence and innovation, a recognized leader in water research, education, and engagement, and attract faculty and students from all geographic areas.

Purpose: Provide leadership and support for faculty and students working to improve water resources.

Alignment with CSU’s Strategic Plan: The strategic goals of the Center support the university’s goals in Research & Discovery (#4)* and Strategic Partnerships (#6)**

 Capacity Building
Research Education Engagement
Strategic GoalsIncrease capacity in three emphasis areas: 1) eco-hydrology/environment 2) the water and food nexus 3) the water and energy nexus Incorporate climate, socio-economic/governance elements into each emphasis areaSupport leading edge basic and applied research of societal relevance*Increase visibility of Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor (SWIM), especially with departments who do not typically include water in their curriculum Support the CSU Water Resources Center at National Western**
Develop proposals for external funding that strengthen partnerships among faculty and partnersIncrease the number of undergraduate students pursuing water-related degreesServe as the entry point for water research, education and engagement activities at CSU
ObjectivesBuild capacity in three emphasis areas through strategic cluster hires (4-5 faculty/area)Fund 5-8 seed grants/year that are focused on high priority, interdisciplinary water topics with the expectation of increased collaboration, publications and leveraged resources*Expand SWIM enrollment to 100+ students Develop programs and coordinate synergistic activities for the CSU Water Resources Center at National Western**
Fund faculty to work in key emphasis areas, assemble work groups, and plan an annual symposium 10X multiplier from external sources on Provost's investment through interdisciplinary teams acquiring grants and contractsExpand Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar (GRAD 592) enrollmentMaintain communication outlets: Water Center website, CSU Water Experts website, social media, The Current e-news, and the Colorado Water newsletter
Foster collaboration between Cluster Hires and faculty through external grants and contractsAssist with developing undergraduate courses that complement water-related majors and address emerging topicsHost annual symposium, seminars, and outreach events
Maintain Colorado Water Knowledge websiteHost 1-2 visiting scholars per year
Key Resource NeedsSupport water cluster hires Interdisciplinary Grant Writer/Coordinator Enhance SWIM Host annual water symposium
Development OfficerIncrease capacity in international water*Develop undergraduate curriculumExpand Water Center communications/visibility
Develop graduate level degree programs, online certificate, and new coursesHost events with internal/external partners
Develop content for and/or instruct CSU Water MOOCs