Applicants are required to submit the following information:

  1. Cover letter that identifies the grant type, PI name, Co-PI(s) name(s), student name(s), PI department head name, and affiliations of the project participants.
  2. Four-page proposal detailing:
    • the role of each participant and their expertise as it relates to the project
    • the project objectives and how they fulfill the goals of this RFP
    • planned activities and expected deliverables and outcomes
    • timeline for activities and deliverables (note project start and end dates stated in RFP)
    • identification of any current and/or planned sources of funding for the project
    • Water Research Teams: include information about the sought-after external grant (funding agency/ organization, amount, deadline, nature of research, etc.)
    • if a continuation of a previously funded project by the Water Center is requested, the proposal must address the previous activities, deliverables, and the status of submitted/awarded external grants
  3. CV for each PI and Co-PI (2-page limit per person)
  4. One-page budget including detailed justification of all associated expenses
    • do not include indirect costs or salary fringe costs
    • the following expenses will not be accepted: cost share of expenses, equipment over $5,000, salary for non-CSU employees, nonessential hospitality expenses
    • provide the name and email of the PI’s departmental accountant


Applicants should submit their materials as a single PDF to Reagan Waskom at by 5:00 PM Mountain Time on Friday, March 23, 2018.

  • Email subject line: CSU Water Center FY2018 RFP [Grant Type] [PI Last Name]
  • PDF: CSUWaterCenter_FY2018RFP_[Grant Type]_[PI Last Name]

Awarded applicants will be notified in May 2018.

Application Review

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of Associate Deans for Research, Water Center Executive Committee members, and select water faculty. Awards will be based on a range of criteria with an emphasis on creativity, feasibility, intellectual merit, potential impact, qualifications of investigators, and the ability to take a leadership role in water-related research, education, and engagement. Proposals should outline the significance and impact of project deliverables. The inclusion of students, interdisciplinary collaborations, and external partnerships are encouraged.

Award Requirements


  • One-year awards will begin on July 1, 2018 and end on May 15, 2019
  • Two-year awards will begin on July 1, 2018 and end on May 15, 2020


  • All expenses must be finalized by the project end date. No extensions will be granted.
  • Timely drawdown is expected or funds will be withdrawn from the grantee.
  • The PI is expected to work with their departmental accountant to ensure their award is spent according to the approved budget. The PI’s departmental accountant is responsible for all project accounting and reports.
  • The PI’s department is responsible for any spending deficit.


  • Funded Water Research Teams, Water Faculty Fellows, and Water Education and Engagement Projects will be required to submit the following:
    • Mid-year status report in January 2019
    • Final report with evidence of deliverables by July 15, 2019
    • An article for the Colorado Water newsletter by July 15, 2019
  • Funded Food and Water Research Teams will be required to submit the following:
    • Year 1 status report by May 15, 2019
    • Final report with evidence of deliverables by July 15, 2020
    • An article for the Colorado Water newsletter by July 15, 2020
  • Funded applicants will be required to acknowledge support from the Center in all publications, presentations, and external grant proposals related to the project.
  • Funded applicants will be required to inform the Center of any deliverables as a result of funding for three years after the project end date. (e.g. publications, presentations, and grant proposals submitted and/or received).
  • Funded applicants will be asked to present their results and accomplishments at events and in written publications.

Funded applicants must comply with applicable university research integrity and compliance regulations and guidelines.

More Information

Contact Reagan Waskom, Colorado Water Center Director, at
Learn about past grant recipients here.
Click here to download a PDF of the submission requirements.