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Intro, Western Water Law

08/26/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC • Download

Required readings: N/A

Lower Colorado River Issues, Drought Plans

09/09/2019 • John Entsminger, Southern Nevada Water Authority • Download

Required readings: The Colorado River , Drought Contingency Plans for the Colorado River, Nevada Water Law 101

Colorado Water Law, Federal Law, Compacts

09/16/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC • Download

Required readings: Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Law

Wyoming Water Issues: Platte River, Yellowstone River, Colorado River, Groundwater

09/23/2019 • Steve Wolff, Wyoming State Engineer's Office • Download

Required readings: Drought Contingency Plans for the Colorado River Basin , Wyoming's Compacts, Treaties, and Court Decrees

Kansas Water Issues: Arkansas River, Republican River

09/30/2019 • David Robbins, Hill and Robbins P.C.

Required readings: Groundwater Management: Lessons from Colorado v. Kansas

International Water Issues with Mexico

Platte River Issues Affecting Colorado

10/14/2019 • Alan Berryman, Assistant General Manager, NCWCD, Berthoud • Download

Required readings: N/A

Upper Colorado River Compact and Drought Plans

Managing Interstate Compacts in Colorado

11/04/2019 • Kevin Rein, Colorado State Engineer • Download

Required readings: Vanishing Rio Grande puts pressure on San Luis Valley farmers during extreme drought , Rio Grande Issues

The Role of NGO's in Interstate and International Water Issues

11/11/2019 • Ted Kowalski, Senior Program Officer, Walton Family Foundation

Required readings: Colorado River , Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Restoration and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems

New Mexico Water Issues: Rio Grande, Pueblo and Native American Issues; Texas v. New Mexico

11/18/2019 • Rolf Schmidt-Peterson, Director, New Mexico Interstate Streams Commission

Required readings: Overview of Water Law Applicable to The Middle Rio Grande Water Planning Region , No. 141, Orig. Texas v. New Mexico, NM Interstate Compacts

Politics, Political Will, Bureaucracy

12/02/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC

Required readings: Bravery in the Face of Bureaucracy: The Negotiation and Completion of Minute 319

Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Law

08/24/2020 • ,

Required readings:

Western Water Law

08/24/2020 • Jennifer Gimbel, Colorado Water Center

Required readings:

State Water Institutions & Policy

08/31/2020 • Becky Mitchell, Colorado Water Conservation Board

Required readings:

Water Institutions: Local & Regional

09/14/2020 • Brad Wind, Northern Water

Required readings: Citizen’s Guide to Where Your Water Comes From , Water Center Summary

The Making of State Water Laws, Policies, and Politics

09/21/2020 • Jeni Arndt, State Representative, HD 53

Required readings: The Legislative Process

Federal Water Law & Institutions

09/28/2020 • Jennifer Gimbel, Colorado Water Center

Required readings:

Recreation: Water Law & Policy

10/05/2020 • Ian Stanford, American Whitewater

Required readings: N/A

Environmental Aspects of Water Policy & Politics

10/12/2020 • Nicole Rowan, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Required readings: N/A

State Water Administration

10/19/2020 • Kevin Rein, Colorado State Engineer

Required readings: N/A

Science & Water Policy

Reserved Water Rights: Law, Policy, and Politics

11/02/2020 • John Echohawk, Native American Rights Fund

Required readings: N/A

Municipal Water Policy & Politics

11/09/2020 • Jim Lochhead, Denver Water

Required readings: N/A