Stacy J. Lynn, PhD.

Research Scientist

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Fields of Expertise

Ecosystem Dynamics

Areas of Interest

Mixed-method qualitative and quantitative social-ecological research, Water governance and use decisions in northwestern Kenya, Extreme events, Land use change


Dr. Lynn received both her MSc (Rangeland Ecosystem Science) and PhD (Ecology) at Colorado State University where she studied the impacts of conservation policy and ecology on Maasai pastoralists, as well as the impacts of cultivation for both Maasai pastoral livelihoods and wildlife movement at multiple scales in northern Tanzania. Some of her specializations are in interdisciplinary approaches to research, systems thinking, participatory research methods, environmental governance, citizen science, science education, and situation assessment. Her diverse influences, experiences and partnerships have strongly shaped her specialization in taking a broad systems approach to investigating complex, applied, social-ecological questions that have real implications on the ground for both people and ecosystems. Her approach uses a combination of ecological and social science methods to perform integrated and community-based collaborative research. She has been working in Africa since 1994, starting with Peace Corps in Namibia, southern Africa.