Tim Covino, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Research Scientist

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Fields of Expertise

Hydrology, Watershed Restoration and Management

Areas of Interest

Ecosystem function, Ecosystem management, Hydrologic, biogeochemical, and ecological dynamics, Land-use/Land-cover change, Modeling Network transport


Tim is originally from Connecticut, but moved west to attend college at CU Boulder. During his time as an undergraduate he became involved in freshwater ecology as an undergraduate researcher in the Center for Limnology. After college Tim spent some time in Durango Colorado working for the CO Division of Fish and Wildlife on the kokanee salmon stocking and rearing program. After this stint in Durango Tim moved to Bozeman, Montana to attend graduate school at Montana State University where Tim completed both his MS and PhD. Tim’s MS focused on the implications of stream-groundwater exchange on streamflow magnitude and chemistry. His PhD work focused on stream-groundwater exchange, nitrogen transport and cycling, and stream network modeling of biogeochemical and hydrological processes. Currently Tim and his students work on problems related to land-use/land-cover change and their implications for water flux and storage, biogeochemical processing, and ecosystem function.