Ellen E. Wohl, PhD.



Fields of Expertise

Geosciences, Riparian Zones and Wetlands, Sediment and Debris, Watershed Restoration and Management

Areas of Interest

Physical-ecological interactions in river ecosystems, Implications of physical riverine complexity for organic carbon storage, Large wood in river floodplains, Effects of beaver activities on downstream fluxes of material in river corridors


Ellen Wohl is a Professor in the Geosciences Department and a University Distinguished Professor at CSU. Ellen grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio near the Cuyahoga River, which caught fire three times during the mid-20th century, prompting awareness of human alterations of rivers. Her university studies in Arizona, where once-perennial rivers that hosted beavers are now dry most of the time, further increased her awareness of environmental change. Since coming to Colorado in 1989, Ellen enjoys exploring mountain streams and has directed her research toward restoring and protecting streams as ecosystems.