Yoichiro Kanno, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Fields of Expertise

Ecology, Fish and Wildlife

Areas of Interest

Conservation and management of aquatic biota and ecosystems, Impacts of anthropogenic activities on aquatic biodiversity, Fish conservation and ecology


Dr. Yoichiro Kanno is a stream fish ecologist with a broad interest in conservation and management of aquatic biota and ecosystems in our increasingly human-dominated landscape. Dr. Kanno is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in natural resources management at University Connecticut, and held a faculty position at Clemson University prior to coming to Colorado State University. Throughout his career, he has studied patterns of aquatic biodiversity and processes that sustain them, which are often impacted by anthropogenic activities. In his pursuit of answers for sustainability, Dr. Kanno has studied streams with a focus on fishes, ranging in topics from genetics, behavior, population dynamics to ‘riverscape’ ecology. In Colorado, he will conduct work on similar conservation ecology themes in a wide range of areas from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains streams. Dr. Kanno’s teaching assignment includes courses in fish conservation and ecology.