David Koons, PhD.


Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Fields of Expertise

Ecology, Fish and Wildlife, Riparian Zones and Wetlands, Statistics

Areas of Interest

Waterfowl and avian ecology, Population ecology, Wildlife-wetland interactions, Working lands conservation


Dr. David Koons is a population ecologist with more than 20 years of experience studying waterfowl and a myriad of other species across Alaska, Canada, the contiguous U.S., and Europe. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in wildlife sciences from Auburn University and held a faculty position at Utah State University prior to coming to Colorado State University. Throughout his career, he has studied demographic responses to environmental variability across trophic levels, which are often impacted by human activities. In Colorado, Dr. Koons aims to find sustainable management of water resources that simultaneously benefit wildlife and people. As a James C. Kennedy Endowed Chair of Wetland & Waterfowl Conservation, he teaches courses in waterfowl ecology & management, and wildlife population dynamics.