Daniel Baker, PhD.

Faculty Instructor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Fields of Expertise

Geosciences, Hydraulics

Areas of Interest

Stream restoration guidance and training, Impacts of human activity on river systems, Nutrient processing in aquatic systems


Daniel W. Baker PhD, PE is currently Faculty Instructor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University (CSU). Dr. Baker currently teaches all the spring and fall semester CIVE 260 Statics and CIVE 261 Dynamics courses. He finds time outside of teaching to research the development of holistic tools to enable better decision making for and design of stream and river systems. Additionally, he is the Engineering representative on the Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty and also serves as a Coordinator for the Master Teacher Initiative at CSU. Dr. Baker and his wife have three daughters, enjoy living in Old Town Fort Collins, and bike everywhere they are able.