Christopher G. Goemans, PhD.

Associate Professor

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Fields of Expertise

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics

Areas of Interest

Allocation and management of scarce resources, Impacts associated with water transfers, Climatic variability and regional water management, Optimal demand management strategies during periods of drought


Dr. Christopher Goemans is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Colorado. In addition to his current position, his past work experience includes consulting on projects focused on topics ranging from the cost benefit analysis of proposed water projects to forecasting urban demands for water to evaluating the impacts of reallocating water among competing uses. He also spent time researching water markets in New Zealand while serving as a visiting scholar at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Christopher selected past research includes investigating: the impact of water transfers from agricultural to nonagricultural use, the relationship between climatic variability and the effectiveness of various water management schemes, optimal demand management strategies during periods of drought, and most recently, using experimental economics techniques to evaluate the performance of water markets under different institutional settings. Relevant publications include: "Western Water Markets: Effectiveness and Efficiency." (forthcoming), "Estimating the Economic and Social Impacts from the Drought in Southern Colorado", "The Interaction of Water Restriction and Pricing Policies: Econometric, Managerial, and Distributional Implications", "Western Households' Water Knowledge, Preferences, and Willingness to Pay", and "Water Transfers and Their Impacts: Lessons from Three Colorado Water Markets".