Yaling Qian, PhD.


Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Fields of Expertise

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Water Quality and Treatment

Areas of Interest

Landscape irrigation management, Water conservation, Water relations of plants and soils


Dr. Yaling Qian is a Professor at Colorado State University. She teaches courses in Turfgrass Science and Soil-Plant-Water Relations. She has conducted research to assess the impacts of using recycled wastewater, graywater, and saline water on landscape plants, especially turfgrasses, and soils. She is currently conducting research to evaluate different management options in mitigating salinity problems associated with water reuse in urban landscapes. Dr. Qian has authored or co-authored ~ 70 refereed scientific publications describing original research and over 70 non-refereed technique articles and abstracts. Her research also involves selecting turfgrasses for their ability to tolerate stressful environments, management for water conservation and mitigation of water quality problems, and assessing carbon footprint of turfgrass systems.