Stephen P. Mumme, PhD.


Political Science

Fields of Expertise

Anthropology, Chemistry, History, Sociology

Areas of Interest

Comparative environmental politics, North american transboundary river basins, U.S. - Mexico border environmental management


Stephen Mumme is Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University where he specializes in comparative environmental politics and policy with an emphasis on Mexican government and U.S.-Mexican relations. Early in his career he developed a keen interest in Mexican demographic policy and immigration issues. Since joining the Colorado State University faculty in 1983 however most of his work has centered on water and environmental management along the U.S.-Mexico border. Unlike specialists who focus on these problems from an international relations perspective he prefers to examine these issues from a domestic politics perspective focusing on the politics and domestic governance that shapes political and diplomatic outcomes in bilateral controversies over water, territory, and natural resources. He continues to follow Mexican immigration issues however and teaches a section on the topic in his popular undergraduate course Politics and Society on the U.S.-Mexico Border.