Hach Walk for Water

The Annual Hach Walk for Water brings together Hach associates, along with their families, friends, neighbors, and community leaders to replicate the walk that so many people—especially women and children—in the developing world take daily to secure water for their families. Each walker carries a bucket, which remains empty for the first half of the walk. At the midpoint, walkers fill their buckets with water for the rest of the journey. A single gallon of water weighs almost 8.5 pounds, or nearly 4 kilograms. With at least a few gallons each, walkers learn how heavy that can feel over a couple of miles. The Colorado Water Center has partnered with Hach on the Walk for six years raising upwards of $300,000 to provide sustainable water treatment systems for struggling communities throughout the world.

2019 Hach Walk for water

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, more than 400 people gathered at CSU to raise funds and awareness for the global water crisis in the 6th Annual Hach Walk for Water.

The Walk was sponsored by the Colorado Water Center, and raised more than $60,000 to provide clean water systems to communities in need. Hach is partnering with Water Mission to help identify, install, and sustain living water treatment systems around the world. Later this year, they will select one or two communities that will be the recipients of the funds raised. The projects that benefited from funds from the previous four walks include systems in Munami and Kunya, Kenya; Huta Ginjang, Indonesia; Santa Clotilde, Peru; Andot, Cambodia; and Mkinga, Tanzania. Water Mission gets to know the needs of each community, assesses its capabilities, and validates the key elements for a sustainable long-term successful project are in place. From there, they design a custom solution that may include water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). They also train local community leaders to test the water (using Hach equipment!) and maintain the system to ensure it continues to help the community for many years to come.

Steps That Count

2018 Hach Walk for water

The 5th annual Hach Walk for Water event took place on May 5, 2018. Participants walked three miles around campus for this fundraiser. Read articles promoting the vent in the Source and The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Taking Strides for Clean Water

2017 Hach Walk for water

Loveland High School hosted the 4th annual Hach Walk for Water event on May 6, 2017. Every day, people all over the world walk for miles to find drinking water that’s often tainted and harmful. While we can’t necessarily step into their shoes, we can step up to lighten their load—building awareness and sustainable water treatment systems across the globe.

Walk for Water 2017

2016 Hach Walk for water

The 3rd annual Hach Walk for Water was arranged at Loveland High School on May 7, 2016. This family event raised awareness regarding the global water crisis and collected donations to provide sustainable water treatment systems for disadvantaged communities throughout the world.

Walk for Water 2016

2015 Hach Walk for water

How far was your walk this morning to take a shower, brush your teeth, or make your coffee? 20 steps? 100? 250?
Every day a billion people worldwide have to walk up to four miles – that is more than 8,000 steps – to collect their daily water, and it’s typically from a
source that’s not guaranteed to be clean.

This is why we walk.

The 2nd Annual Hach Walk for Water on May 2, 2015 raised community awareness regarding the global water crisis and collected donations to give communities access to clean water.

2015 Hach Walk for Water