World Water Day

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, focuses on the importance of freshwater.

World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. It is about taking action to tackle the global water crisis. A core focus of World Water Day is to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.

The Colorado Water Center (CoWC) participates in World Water Day to bring attention to western water issues. Take a look back to see all of our commemorative events.

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World Water Day 2021

Water means different things to different people. How is water important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment?

The Colorado Water Center invites you to our World Water Day social media event from March 16-22. Join us online all week!

World Water Day 2020 is about water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked. The CoWC hosted a virtual trivia game on our social media pages, addressing this theme locally and globally.

Addressing the theme of ‘leaving no one behind’ for World Water Day 2019, CoWC raised funds to supply clean drinking water to a community impacted by major flooding. CoWC also hosted a special screening of the award-winning National Geographic documentary Water and Power: A California Heist.

The World Water Day 2018 theme ‘nature for water’ explores how we can use nature to overcome water challenges. The CoWC hosted a special screening of the award-winning documentary RiverBlue.

In recognition of the 2017 World Water Day, CoWC held the Dr. Norm Evans Endowed Lecture Series with Eleanor Allen, CEO of Water For People. The theme of wastewater acknowledges the need to reduce and reuse our wastewater.

For our first celebration of World Water Day in 2016 CoWC hosted a film screening of Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West to raise awareness about the declining water supply in the Colorado River. The theme ‘water and jobs’ recognizes the link between clean water and workers’ lives and livelihoods.