jim broderick - resized

Jim Broderick
Executive Director
Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Don Brown - resized

Don Brown
Colorado Department of Agriculture

Deb Daniel

Deb Daniel 
General Manager
Republican River Water Conservation District

Gene Kelly - resized

Gene Kelly  
Deputy Director, AES
Associate Dean, CSU Extension
College of Agricultural Sciences

Ken Knox - resized

Ken Knox
Director of Water Resources
Extraction Oil & Gas

Eric Kuhn - resized

Eric Kuhn
General Manager
Colorado River Water Conservation

Mike Lester - resized

Mike Lester 
State Forester and Director
Colorado State Forest Service

David Mau - resized

David Mau
Center Director
USGS Colorado Water Science Center

Rebecca Mitchell - resized

Rebecca Mitchell
Colorado Water Conservation Board

Patrick Pfaltzgraff - resized

Patrick Pfaltzgraff
Director, Water Quality Control Division
Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment

Chris Piper - resized

Chris Piper
Senior Government Relations Manager
Denver Water

Robert Randall - resized

Robert Randall
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Kevin Rein - resized

Kevin Rein
State Engineer & Director
Colorado Division of Water Resources

David Robbins - resized

David Robbins
President & Co-Founder
Hill & Robbins, P.C.

Travis Smith- resized

Travis Smith
Senior Water Consultant
DiNatale Water Consultants

John Stulp - resized & noise reduced

John Stulp
Special Policy Advisor to the Governor on Water
State of Colorado

Swanson, Lou
Vice Provost, Outreach and Strategic Partnerships
Colorado State University
September 8, 2006

Louis Swanson
Vice President, CSU Engagement
Director, CSU Extension

Eric Wilkinson - resized

Eric Wilkinson
Policy Advisor
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District