The Colorado Water Center, in partnership with the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, is proud to offer the Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor (SWIM). CSU’s Sustainable Water Interdisciplinary Minor (SWIM) offers students, regardless of their major, an opportunity to gain deeper knowledge about the many dimensions of water. By taking advantage of CSU’s outstanding water expertise, students can prepare themselves for careers in water or graduate study in a water-related area.

2018 Water Minor Graduates
2018 SWIM Graduates. Pictured left to right: Kevin Allen (Environmental and Natural Resource Economics), Zoe Eby (Natural Resources Management), Veronica Travers (Natural Resources Management), and Prashan Gurung (Natural Resources Management), with Reagan Waskom from the CSU Water Center. Not pictured: Sam Fogg (Forestry), Riley Harris (Natural Resources Management), Ben Morgan (Environmental and Natural Resource Economics), Eveline Vega-Ferrales (Biological Sciences) and Chris Illig (Business Administration and Marketing).

Students will complete 21 credits* in core and elective courses that are particularly relevant to today’s water professional. Completion of the program is certified on the student’s academic record.

Core Courses

AREC/ECON 240: Issues in Environmental Economics (3 credits)
AREC 342: Water Law, Policy, and Institutions (3 credits)
GR/WR 304: Sustainable Watersheds (3 credits)

Foundations of Water

A minimum of 6 credits in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Ecology, Geology, and Physics courses

Context of Water 

A minimum of 6 credits in Social, Economic, Ecological, Biological, and Physical Sciences courses

* A minimum of 12 upper-division (300-400 level) courses are required to complete the SWIM

More Information 

SWIM check sheet and course list

For questions and to enroll, contact Julie Kallenberger.

Procedures Required to Receive Transcript Designation

  • Discuss your plans with your academic advisor. Be sure you understand which courses you are required to take and how these courses will affect your schedule of classes for your major(s).
  • Schedule a meeting with the SWIM Advisor to review your Degree Audit Report (DAR) and complete the enrollment form.
  • During each semester’s preregistration advising session, you and your advisor should review your progress toward completion of the SWIM.
  • In the semester prior to which you will graduate, you should alert the SWIM Advisor of your intention to graduate. The Advisor will certify that you have completed the courses required for the SWIM and approve your DAR.

“Natural Resource Economics was my favorite course because not many people think of the implications of ecosystem services as a part of our economy.”

~ Ry Weber, Spring 2017 graduate in Watershed Science

“Having a specialization in water will help prepare me for the work I plan to do.”

~ Christina Neel, Spring 2016 graduate in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

“The SWIM helped me by showing employers that I want to work for a cause I care about.”

~ Marcus Lively, Spring 2015 graduate in Natural Resource Management & Environmental and Natural Resource Economics