FALL 2017 – Water Management in Colorado

Mondays at 4:00 p.m.
Behavioral Sciences Building Room 103
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Click here for the Fall 2017 schedule of speakers.
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The purpose of the seminar is to prepare students for careers in water resources by increasing their understanding of how water is actually managed in Colorado. More specifically, the seminar will:

  • Examine the roles of various local, state, and federal agencies in water quantity and quality and environmental management
  • Understand the role of the political process in water management
  • Prepare students for water-related careers by learning the analytical and data tools used in tracking and managing water in Colorado such as HydroBase, StateMod, NWIS, StateCU.

Students interested in taking the one-credit seminar should sign up for GRAD592, Water Resources Seminar, CRN 74006. Students who have enrolled in GRAD592 in the past may also enroll for this offering.

Semester Assignment
Students will use an online database and tool at the Colorado’s Decision Support System (Online Tools) to examine and analyze data relative to a case that is related to their research project or major. Students will hand in a 2-4 page brief on the last day of class explaining their case study with a display and interpretation of data downloaded and analyzed.

Fall 2017 Attendance and Grading Policy
Attendance at all of the lectures is expected and students will be required to attend 9 of the 13 classes to receive an A. The last session on December 4, 2017 is mandatory and attendance at all classes is strongly encouraged, thus semester grades will be based upon 60% attendance and 40% for the semester assignment. Make sure you sign the roster sheet at each class to get credit for attendance. It is your responsibility to do this before leaving the class. Ask questions, get to know the speakers, and use this class as a networking experience.

All interested faculty, students, and off-campus water professionals are encouraged to attend and participate.