Transboundary Aquifer and River Governance

The Fall 2019 seminar series will explore the law, governance, and management of transboundary water resources, including water law throughout the West and especially Colorado. Topics include interstate agreements, decrees governing water distribution, and interstate groundwater issues, with a national water law overlay. The seminar will spotlight four case studies:

  • Platte River (Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming)
  • High Plains Aquifer (Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas)
  • Rio Grande River (Colorado, New Mexico, Texas)
  • Colorado River (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Mexico)

Mondays 4:00-5:00 PM
Location: Wagar 232
CRN 74006 | 1 Credit

Syllabus: Download
Students who have enrolled in GRAD 592 in the past may also enroll in this offering.

All interested faculty, students, and off-campus guests are welcome to attend.
Course Instructor
Jennifer Gimbel
Senior Water Policy Scholar
Colorado Water Center

GRAD592 Fall 2019 Poster

Seminar Series Archives

Intro, Western Water Law

08/26/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC • Download

Required readings: N/A

Lower Colorado River Issues, Drought Plans

09/09/2019 • John Entsminger, Southern Nevada Water Authority • Download

Required readings: The Colorado River , Drought Contingency Plans for the Colorado River, Nevada Water Law 101

Colorado Water Law, Federal Law, Compacts

09/16/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC • Download

Required readings: Citizen's Guide to Colorado Water Law

Wyoming Water Issues: Platte River, Yellowstone River, Colorado River, Groundwater

09/23/2019 • Steve Wolff, Wyoming State Engineer's Office • Download

Required readings: Drought Contingency Plans for the Colorado River Basin , Wyoming's Compacts, Treaties, and Court Decrees

Kansas Water Issues: Arkansas River, Republican River

09/30/2019 • David Robbins, Hill and Robbins P.C.

Required readings: Groundwater Management: Lessons from Colorado v. Kansas

International Water Issues with Mexico

Platte River Issues Affecting Colorado

10/14/2019 • Alan Berryman, Assistant General Manager, NCWCD, Berthoud • Download

Required readings: N/A

Upper Colorado River Compact and Drought Plans

Managing Interstate Compacts in Colorado

11/04/2019 • Kevin Rein, Colorado State Engineer • Download

Required readings: Vanishing Rio Grande puts pressure on San Luis Valley farmers during extreme drought , Rio Grande Issues

The Role of NGO's in Interstate and International Water Issues

11/11/2019 • Ted Kowalski, Senior Program Officer, Walton Family Foundation

Required readings: Colorado River , Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Restoration and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems

New Mexico Water Issues: Rio Grande, Pueblo and Native American Issues; Texas v. New Mexico

11/18/2019 • Rolf Schmidt-Peterson, Director, New Mexico Interstate Streams Commission

Required readings: Overview of Water Law Applicable to The Middle Rio Grande Water Planning Region , No. 141, Orig. Texas v. New Mexico, NM Interstate Compacts

Politics, Political Will, Bureaucracy

12/02/2019 • Jennifer Gimbel, CoWC

Required readings: Bravery in the Face of Bureaucracy: The Negotiation and Completion of Minute 319

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