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GRAD592 | Interdisciplinary Water Resources Seminar Series

Fall 2023 Course Focus: The South Platte River – Colorado’s Lifeblood

Each fall the Colorado Water Center offers an interdisciplinary seminar series emphasizing issues important to the water resources community. Content relates to a preselected theme each semester and features prominent speakers from around the region. Students who have enrolled in GRAD592 in the past may also enroll in this offering.

All interested faculty, students, and off-campus guests are welcome to attend.

CRN: 69155
Credit Hours: 1
Schedule: Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Location: Virtual and in person at Natural Resources Building Room 109

Course Instructor:
Karen Schlatter | Associate Director
Colorado Water Center

Description: The South Platte River – Colorado’s Lifeblood

From the heart of Denver to the heartlands of the eastern plains, the South Platte River sustains Colorado’s people, economies, and environment. Explore the complexities of one of Colorado’s hardest working rivers.


Note: August 22 will be an introductory class for registered students. Presentations open to the public will begin August 29.

GRAD592_Poster 2023_Speaker Lineup

Fall 2023 Course Content

2023: The South Platte River – Colorado’s Lifeblood

  Introduction 08/22/2023 • Karen Schlatter, Associate Director, CoWC Download Presentation   Overview of the South Platte River Basin 08/29/2023 • Karen Schlatter, Associate Director, CoWC Download Presentation Suggested Readings and Seminar Links: Video: The South Platte: A River Shaped

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Seminar Series Archives

2021: Sharing Visions for a Sustainable Water Future

Introduction to Western Water Law and Sustainability 08/23/2021 • Jennifer Gimbel, Interim Director, CoWC Download Required Readings and Seminar Links: Human Evolution Led to an Extreme Thirst for Water Definition of Sustainability Seminar Recording Week 1 Federal, State, and International

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2020: Western Water Law, Policy, and Institutions

Click to Enlarge Western Water Law 08/24/2020 • Jennifer Gimbel, Colorado Water Center Required Readings and Seminar Links: Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Law, Week 1 Audio, Week 1 PowerPoint Click to Enlarge State Water Institutions & Policy 08/31/2020 •

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2019: Transboundary Aquifer and River Governance

The Fall 2019 seminar series explored the law, governance, and management of transboundary water resources, including water law throughout the West and especially Colorado. Topics included interstate agreements, decrees governing water distribution, and interstate groundwater issues, with a national water

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2018: Topics in Colorado Water Law

The Fall 2018 seminar series included topics of history and evolution, administration, water court, inter/intrastate compacts, key cases and statutes, water quality, environmental law, and groundwater. Download the 2018 Syllabus

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