About the Colorado Water Center


The Colorado Water Center is one of 54 Water Resources Research Institutes created by the Water Resources Act of 1964, which collectively form the National Institutes for Water Resources. As a division under CSU’s Office of Engagement and Extension, the Center aims to connect all water expertise in Colorado’s higher education system with research and education needs of Colorado’s water managers and users, building on the rich water history at Colorado State University.


The Colorado Water Center leads interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach to address complex and evolving water-related challenges in Colorado and beyond. We do so by fostering collaboration between higher education and water stakeholders, synthesizing objective water knowledge to inform decision-making, and inspiring the next generation of water leaders.


Champion Water-Related Research

  • Foster university, faculty, and student-led investigations across the state
  • Connect university research to key information needs of water resource stakeholders in Colorado and beyond

Provide Education and Training

  • Empower Colorado’s water leaders to secure and advocate for our valuable freshwater resources
  • Support water education through undergraduate and graduate-level course and program offerings, Extension programs for Colorado communities, and K-12 learning initiatives
  • Disseminate water knowledge across a broad range of topics and disciplines

 Catalyze Meaningful Collaboration and Engagement

  • Serve as a primary nexus between Colorado’s institutions of higher learning and a diversity of water resource stakeholders, including state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, citizens, the private sector, and our global network of partners and affiliates
  • Bridge the gaps between citizens, scientists, and policymakers by strengthening water-resource literacy
  • Connect diverse water stakeholders to higher education resources and expertise needed to ensure clean and reliable water for all
  • Facilitate and support collaborative water dialogues and projects

Colorado Water Center Staff

Perry Cabot

Research Scientist & Extension Specialist

(970) 434-3264

Nolan Doesken

Former State Climatologist

(970) 491-3690

Jennifer Gimbel

Senior Water Policy Scholar

(970) 491-6308

Nancy Grice

Assistant to Director

(970) 491-6724

Emmett Jordan

Graphic Designer

(303) 877-0791

Melissa Mokry


Panagiotis Oikonomou


(970) 491-6328

Blake Osborn

Water Resources Specialist -- Southern Region

(719) 545-1845

Joel Schneekloth

Water Resources Specialist -- Northern Region

(970) 345-0508

John Tracy

Director of the Colorado Water Center

Brad Udall

Senior Water & Climate Scientist/Scholar

(720) 984-2723

Colorado Water Center Student Employees & Interns

Ally Altimore

Student Accounting Intern

(970) 491-6308

Gwénaëlle d'Aumale

Outreach Coordinator

Brannon Hughes

Program Assistant

Champ Lindahl

Program Assistant

Jacob Ornes

Student IT Technician Intern

(970) 491-6308