Organization Scholarship NameDescriptionDeadline
American Ground Water TrustVariousThree scholarships available for high school seniors intending to pursue a career in a groundwater-related fieldJune 1
American Water Resources AssociationRichard A. Herbert Memorial ScholarshipMust be AWRA member, undergraduate or graduate, in water resources fieldJune 29
Abel Wolman Fellowship PhD students in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in the field of water supply and treatmentJanuary
Academic Achievement AwardMaster's or PhD in field of public water supplyOct 1
Larson Aquatic Research Support ScholarshipPhD and master's students in the fields of corrosion control, treatment and distribution of domestic and industrial water supplies, aquatic chemistry, and/or environmental chemistryJanuary
American Water ScholarshipGraduate students interested in service to the water industryJanuary
Black & Veatch - Building a World of Difference ScholarshipUndergraduate student seeking a degree in the water industryJanuary
Carollo Engineers ScholarshipMaster's student engaging in water-energy nexus issues for water, wastewater or water useJanuary
Thomas R. Camp ScholarshipGraduate students doing applied research in the drinking water fieldJanuary
Holly A. Cornell ScholarshipFemale and/or minority masters' students in pursuit of advanced training in the field of water supply and treatmentJanuary
Hazen and Sawyer ScholarshipMaster's student in the water science fieldJanuary
HDR/Henry "Bud" Benjes ScholarshipMaster's student seeking a degree in the water industryJanuary
ARCADIS Scholarship Master's or PhD student seeking a degree in the water industryJanuary
MWH ScholarshipMaster's student seeking a degree in the water industryJanuary
Neptune Technology Group ScholarshipUndergraduate student seeking a degree in the water science fieldJanuary
Infilco Degremont/Vernon D. Lucy III ScholarshipUndergraduate student in science or engineering, must be junior or senior by year of applicationJanuary
Dave Caldwell ScholarshipFemale and/or minority student pursuing graduate degree in the drinking water fieldJanuary
Anchor QEAAnchor QEA ScholarshipGraduate students in fields related to water resources, surface and groundwater quality, coastal development, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment managementNovember
Arkansas Basin River ForumARBWF ScholarshipUndergraduate and graduate students at Colorado universities whose education and research activities support the Arkansas Basin WatershedJune 15
Big Thompson Watershed ForumDave Cole Environmental ScholarshipSophomore, junior, senior, or Master's student in the semester of application. Primary focus of study in hydrology, environmental health, biology or sociology, water resources, watershed science, water pollution, and/or water qualitySeptember
Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain ManagersBen Urbonas Scholarship Graduate student. Eligible programs of study include, but are not limited to, hydrology, hydraulics, watershed management, floodplain management, stormwater management, stormwater quality, emergency response, meteorology and climatologyOctober
Urban Watersheds Research Institute ScholarshipSophomore or junior civil engineering studentsNot currently funded
CASFM Family ScholarshipSophomore, junior, senior or graduate student whose parent or legal guardian is an active member of CASFMOctober
Colorado Groundwater AssociationHarlan Erker Memorial ScholarshipSeniors and graduate students doing research or independent study in groundwater science or engineeringMay
Colorado Water CenterUpper Yampa Water Conservancy District John Fetcher ScholarshipStudent pursuing water-related studies at public university in Colorado, with preference given to students with interest in Yampa or Colorado River BasinsMay
Environmental Engineers of the FutureEnvironmental Engineers of the Future Graduate ProgramMaster's tuition assistance for students who take elective courses in water/wastewater treatment and solid waste management, and agree to work for one of a selected list of companies for a minimum of 2 years upon graduationDecember
Four States Irrigation Council Four States Irrigation Council Scholarship Undergraduate or graduate student who is currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska or Wyoming; is pursuing a degree in an agricultural water and/or irrigation-related field; desires to pursue a career in an agricultural water and or/irrigation-related field; demonstrates leadership and promise in an agricultural or water-related career; and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.June 1
National Ground Water AssociationLen Assante ScholarshipHigh school or full-time undergraduate involved in groundwater fieldJanuary 15
North American Weather Modification CouncilNorth American Weather Modification Council ScholarshipStudents interested in the field of weather modification and studying science or engineering at an accredited institutionFebruary
Rocky Mountain Section of American Water Works AssociationJames B. Warner ScholarshipMember of AWWA, designed for operators pursuing an Associate degree in a water-related fieldJune 15
James B. Warner ScholarshipStudent member of AWWA, must be at least a junior in a water-related field of studyJune 15
Tony Campman ScholarshipCO, NM, or WY student pursuing water environment degree at 2- or 4-year collegeJune 15
Bill Martin ScholarshipHigh school student who has applied to a CO, NM, or WY school intending to pursue a degree in the water environment fieldJune 15
Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts AssociationRocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts Association Annual ScholarshipUniversity student in water environment fieldJuly 31
Soil and Water Conservation SocietyMelville H. Cohee Student Leader Conservation ScholarshipJunior, senior, or graduate members of SWCS who are pursuing studies in natural resource conservationFebruary
Soil and Water Conservation ScholarshipJunior, senior, or master's student interested in a career in soil and water conservationMay
US Committee on Irrigation and DrainageUSCID/Summers Engineering ScholarshipUSCID student members who are upper division, undergraduate or Master's degree with a demonstrated interest in agricultural engineering, irrigation and drainage, ag water management, or other fields pertaining to the mission of USCIDSept 1
Water Environment FederationCanham Graduate Studies ScholarshipGraduate student in the water environment fieldMarch 1
WateReuse ColoradoGeneral ScholarshipFull-time undergraduate or graduate student with a sincere interest in pursuing a professional career related to water reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalinationJune 15
Martha Hahn Memorial ScholarshipFull-time undergraduate or graduate student with a sincere interest in pursuing a professional career related to water reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalination ((preference given to graduate students)June 15
Operator ScholarshipAny student pursuing an associate’s degree or certification in Water Quality Management or other study in preparation for water or wastewater operator licenseJune 15
Denver Water Centennial ScholarshipsThree scholarships available, one (1) for junior/community college or trade school student; recent high school graduates may also apply; one (1) undergraduate college or university student; and one (1) graduate studentJune 15