Student Scholarships

Organization Scholarship Name Description Deadline
WateReuse WateReuse Colorado Student Scholarships WateReuse Association is offering three (3) scholarships to support students focusing on water reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalination. Each scholarship is valued at $1,500 and will be awarded in November 2021 to the highest-ranking applicants among undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an accredited Colorado university or community college, as determined by the scholarship committee of WRCO. October 1st, 2021, midnight MST
Arkansas River Basin Water Forum (ARBWF) Arkansas River Basin Water Forum (ARBWF) Scholarship Scholarships are offered to students and working professionals in support of their education and research in water resources, watershed studies, hydrology, natural resources management, and others. Preference to award students scholarships who are from the Arkansas Basin and whose work the ARBWF Board expects will provide a benefit to Colorado’s Arkansas River Basin October 1st, 2021, 5 pm MST
Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District John Fetcher Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District Scholarship This scholarship is for students at a public university within the state of Colorado and provides financial assistance for one year to committed and talented students who are pursuing a water-related career in any major. The Colorado Water Center administers the scholarship. May 18
American Ground Water Trust Various Entry level college students intending to pursue a career in the field of groundwater June 1
American Water Resources Association Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship Must be AWRA member, undergraduate or graduate, in water resources field May
American Water Works Association Black & Veatch – Building a World of Difference Scholarship Undergraduate student seeking a degree in the water industry January
Infilco Degremont/Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship Undergraduate student in science or engineering, must be junior or senior by year of application January
Neptune Technology Group Scholarship Undergraduate student seeking a degree in the water science field January
Abel Wolman Fellowship PhD students in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in the field of water supply and treatment January
Academic Achievement Award Master’s or PhD in field of public water supply Oct 1
American Water Scholarship Graduate students interested in service to the water industry January
ARCADIS Scholarship Master’s or PhD student seeking a degree in the water industry January
Carollo Engineers Scholarship Master’s student engaging in water-energy nexus issues for water, wastewater or water use January
Dave Caldwell Scholarship Female and/or minority student pursuing graduate degree in the drinking water field January
Denver Water Centennial Scholarships Three scholarships available, one (1) for junior/community college or trade school student; recent high school graduates may also apply; one (1) undergraduate college or university student; and one (1) graduate student January
Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship Master’s student in the water science field January
HDR/Henry “Bud” Benjes Scholarship Master’s student seeking a degree in the water industry January
Holly A. Cornell Scholarship Female and/or minority masters’ students in pursuit of advanced training in the field of water supply and treatment January
Larson Aquatic Research Support Scholarship PhD and master’s students in the fields of corrosion control, treatment and distribution of domestic and industrial water supplies, aquatic chemistry, and/or environmental chemistry January
MWH Scholarship Master’s student seeking a degree in the water industry January
Thomas R. Camp Scholarship Graduate students doing applied research in the drinking water field January
American Water Works Association Rocky Mountain Section James B. Warner Water Studies Scholarship Young professionals seeking higher education in a water-related field, member of AWWA June 15
James B. Warner Associate’s Scholarship Operators seeking to complete their associate’s degree in a water-related field, member of AWWA June 15
Anchor QEA Anchor QEA Scholarship Graduate students in fields related to water resources, surface and groundwater quality, coastal development, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment management November
Arkansas River Basin Water Forum ARBWF Scholarship Undergraduate and graduate students at Colorado universities whose education and research activities support the Arkansas Basin Watershed October
Big Thompson Watershed Forum Environmental Scholarship Sophomore, junior, senior, or Master’s student in the semester of application. Primary focus of study in hydrology, environmental health, biology or sociology, water resources, watershed science, water pollution, and/or water quality September
Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers Ben Urbonas Scholarship Graduate student. Eligible programs of study include, but are not limited to, hydrology, hydraulics, watershed management, floodplain management, stormwater management, stormwater quality, emergency response, meteorology and climatology October
CASFM Family Scholarship Sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student whose parent or legal guardian is an active member of CASFM October
Undergraduate Scholarship Sophomore or junior students in the field of Civil Engineering or a closely related field in Colorado October
Colorado Conservation Tillage Association Colorado Conservation Tillage Scholarship High school seniors and college students December 1
Colorado Groundwater Association Harlan Erker Memorial Scholarship Seniors and graduate students doing research or independent study in groundwater science or engineering April 3
Colorado Water Conservation Board Diane Hoppe Memorial Scholarship A $2000 one-year scholarship for a Colorado high school student interested in western water issues planning to attend a public institution of higher education in Colorado. April 15
Colorado State University Graduate School McPherson Graduate Scholarship Two scholarships will be available with an award of $10,000 (renewable), plus resident tuition for new applicants to Colorado State University’s Graduate School. Students planning to study in any discipline or department are invited. To be eligible, individuals must have completed their bachelor degree at Adams State University, preferably, or be current or former residents of the San Luis Valley in Colorado. Preferred 5/15/2020
Accepted until 5/30/2020
Environmental Engineers of the Future Environmental Engineers of the Future Graduate Program Master’s tuition assistance for students who take elective courses in water/wastewater treatment and solid waste management, and agree to work for one of a selected list of companies for a minimum of 2 years upon graduation December
Four States Irrigation Council Four States Irrigation Council Scholarship Undergraduate or graduate student who is currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska or Wyoming; is pursuing a degree in an agricultural water and/or irrigation-related field; desires to pursue a career in an agricultural water and or/irrigation-related field; demonstrates leadership and promise in an agricultural or water-related career; and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. June 28
InTERFEWS InTERFEWS Traineeship Colorado State University PhD students who have been accepted into their department’s program. Priority will be given to those entering the 1st or 2nd semester of their PhD program, and those beyond their 3rd semester are not eligible. Both funded and unfunded positions will be offered. January 15
Kvarøy Arctic Women In Aquaculture Scholarship Program Two women will be awarded up to a $10,000 scholarship and paid, one-month summer internship on the Kvaroy Arctic salmon farm site in Norway. Consideration for employment is also available upon graduation! One scholarship is open to women of any country, globally and the other is open to women who are permanent residents of Africa. April 13 – June 22
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Babbitt Center Dissertation Fellowship Program Funding of $10,000 for Ph.D. students at U.S. universities whose research builds on, and contributes to, the integration of land and water policy to advance water sustainability and resilience, particularly in the West. March 1
National Ground Water Association Farvolden Scholarships Full-time students enrolled in a program that is groundwater industry-related April 21
Len Assante Scholarship Full-time students only (including high school seniors who are applying for scholarships to be used in their first quarter or semester of post-secondary study) April 15
NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Award includes academic assistance (up to $9,500 per year) for two years of full-time study and a 10-week, full-time paid ($700/week) internship at a NOAA facility during the summer. Opens September 1
North American Weather Modification Council North American Weather Modification Council Scholarship Students interested in the field of weather modification and studying science or engineering at an accredited institution February
Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts Association Rocky Mountain Water Quality Analysts Association Annual Scholarship University student in water environment field July 31
Soil and Water Conservation Society Donald A. Williams Soil Conservation Scholarship SWCS members who are currently employed, but wish to improve technical/administrative competence in a conservation-related field at an accredited college March
Kenneth E. Grant Research Scholarship Interdisciplinary graduate-level research on a conservation topic that will extend the SWCS mission of fostering the science and the art of soil, water, and related natural resource management to achieve sustainability March
Melville H. Cohee Student Leader Conservation Scholarship Junior, senior, or master’s student interested in a career in soil and water conservation March
US Committee on Irrigation and Drainage USCID/Summers Engineering Scholarship USCID student members who are upper division, undergraduate or Master’s degree with a demonstrated interest in agricultural engineering, irrigation and drainage, ag water management, or other fields pertaining to the mission of USCID Sept 1
Water Environment Federation Canham Graduate Studies Scholarship Graduate student in the water environment field March 1
WateReuse Colorado General Scholarship Full-time undergraduate or graduate student with a sincere interest in pursuing a professional career related to water reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalination September 25
Martha Hahn Memorial Scholarship Full-time undergraduate or graduate student with a sincere interest in pursuing a professional career related to water reclamation, water reuse, and/or desalination ((preference given to graduate students) September 25
Operator Scholarship Any student pursuing an associate’s degree or certification in Water Quality Management or other study in preparation for water or wastewater operator license September 25
Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Graduate Student Research and Education Full-time graduate students enrolled in an accredited university of Western U.S. are eligible to apply with projects to address identified needs in sustainable agriculture. February 9
Women in Water Scholarship Fund Women in Water Scholarship Annual $5,000 gift awarded to a woman pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in any facet of water resources. Applicants must be at junior-year bachelor degree level or higher. Need to major in STEM, Natural Resources, law, communications, government relations and other areas related to water. Opens April 1
Closes June 30