Water Massive Open Online Courses

The Colorado Water Center has partnered with CSU Online and the Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) to develop a Massive Open Online Course, popularly known as a MOOC. MOOCs are noncredit, student-interaction-based programs that provide educational access to the public at no cost. They are typically less immersive than credit courses you would find at a university, offering more generalized content that is meant to provide you with a breadth of understanding across the subject matter. MOOCs feature instructor-driven content with a heavy emphasis on student participation. This student-to-student communication creates knowledge and discoveries that enrich the course with a social aspect and shared experiences.

“I signed up for this course with the hopes that I might pick up a few tidbits of knowledge to help build my frame of reference on the subject and was delighted to find that the information you folks presented far and away exceeded my expectations.”
2015 MOOC Participant

Colorado Water Center Sponsored MOOCs

Water Scarcity: Crisis and Response

What happens when water runs out, and why does it occur? How can we ensure an adequate fresh water supply for all? Examine the reasons for diminishing water supplies, the conflicts that arise over water, and what can be done to ensure adequate water supplies for people and nature.

Water for the People: Gender, Human Rights, and Diplomacy

We all need water every day, yet 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. For many, obtaining water for their families is a difficult, time-consuming task, falling heavily on the shoulders of women and girls. There is widespread agreement that people have a basic human right to the water needed to sustain life, yet this right has not been realized for nearly one of every seven people on earth. This course covers issues of gender inequality and human rights in relation to water, and the diplomatic efforts that are helping to improve access to water.

Water, Civilization, and Nature: Addressing Water Challenges of the 21st Century

Recent water issues, increasing populations worldwide, and variations in climate have impacted our water supply, creating questions and issues we have never been challenged with before. This free online course offers an in-depth look at these issues guided by Colorado State University, a leader in water science and studies. The course is taught by more than ten CSU water faculty, and is especially valuable for those interested in the fields of water, civil engineering, conservation, public health, fishery/wildlife, agriculture, governance, and conflicts related to water.

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Water MOOCs Around the World

MOOCOffered byOffered in
Backyard Meteorology: The Science of WeatherHarvard University2020
Climate Science Connections: Water in the WestUniversity of Colorado Boulder2015
Cybersecurity Policy for Water and Electricity InfrastructuresUniversity of Colorado2017
Drainage in Agriculture: controlling water and salt levels in the soilWageningen University2020
Drinking Water TreatmentDelft University of Technology self-paced
Flood Risk ManagementRWTH Aachen University2017
Global Water Use and Climate ChangeQueens University2020
Governance for Transboundary Freshwater SecurityGlobal Environment Facility's International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network & Global Water Partnership 2020
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water ResourcesUniversity of Oklahoma2015
Introduction to Drinking Water TreatmentDelft University of Technology self-paced
Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe StorageÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne2017
Introduction to Water and ClimateDelft University of Technology self-paced
Modelling Watershed Processes for Water Resource ManagementQueens University2020
Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants:
New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications
Rice University2017
New Zealand Landscape as Culture: Wai (Water)Victoria University of Wellington2020
One Planet, One OceanSDGAcademyX2020
Opportunities in Water and HealthQueens University2020
Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development (Series)Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science
and Technology
Sensing Planet Earth – Water and IceChalmers University of Technologyself-paced
Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems: the Nexus between
Water, Energy and Food
Autonomous University of Barcelona
(Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Sustainable Development: The Water-Energy-Food NexusRWTH Aachen University2018
Sustainable River Basin ManagementIndian Institute of Technology Madras2015
Sustainable Urban EnvironmentsTrinity College2017
The Biology of Water and Health: FundamentalsTufts University2015
The Biology of Water and Health: Sustainable InterventionsTufts University2015
Tropical coastal ecosystemsUniversity of Queensland2020
Urban Sewage TreatmentDelft University of Technology self-paced
Urban Water - Innovations for Environmental SustainabilityUniversity of British Columbia2015
Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering:
Biochemical Technology
Tsinghua University2017
Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering:
Physicochemical Technology
Tsinghua University2017
Water for Liveable and Resilient CitiesMonash University
Water for the People: Gender, Human Rights, and DiplomacyColorado State Universityself-paced
Water ManagementDelft University of Technology 2017
Water on Earth: An IntroductionQueens University2020
Water Related HealthQueens University2020
Water Resources Management and PolicyUniversity of Geneva2017
Water Scarcity: Crisis and ResponseColorado State Universityself-paced
Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries:
Understanding Complex Problems (Part 1)
University of Manchester2017
Water Supply and Sanitation Policy in Developing Countries:
Developing Effective Interventions (Part 2)
University of Manchester2017
Water Quality and the Biogeochemical EngineSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne2019
Water, Civilization, and Nature:
Addressing Water Challenges of the 21st Century
Colorado State University2015
Water: Addressing the Global CrisisSDGAcademyX2020
Water: Blue is the New GreenUniversity of British Columbia2015
Water: The Essential ResourceNational Geographic Society2014
Watershed Systems and Their Influence on Water Movement and QualityQueens University2020