Each spring the Colorado Water Center (CoWC) funds a select number of Water Research Teams and Faculty Fellows grants which catalyze innovative water research, teaching, and engagement through interdisciplinary collaboration and creative scholarship. These awards provide opportunities to accelerate progress in research and enable the academic and experiential realm of water resources. Since 2014, the impacts of the Center’s competitive grant program have been remarkable.

Request for proposals is now open! 

Water managers and policymakers are facing increasingly urgent threats to our planet’s water resources, including water shortages, pollution, climate change impacts, water-related diseases, and the destruction and degradation of freshwater ecosystems and habitats. Interdisciplinary tools and approaches are needed to address these challenges, but in many cases, they have yet to be developed or applied. The CoWC provides funding to help remedy this shortfall.

To that end, the CoWC invites proposals for Water Research Teams, Water Faculty Fellows, and Water Education and Engagement Projects for the 2019-20 academic year. Proposals should help support the mission and goals of the Center through collaboration and creative scholarship, as well as aim to address a water problem currently faced by our community, region, country, or world. This RFP targets CSU faculty and staff whose scholarly contributions will be significantly enhanced by receiving the award. We seek proposals from a broad range of disciplines, including the biological and physical sciences, the social and human sciences, and engineering fields. Applicants must demonstrate the ability and desire to help position CSU to better address water resource challenges through broad‐based interdisciplinary research, education, and engagement activities.

The complete RFP is available here. Applications for Water Research Teams, Water Faculty Fellows, and Water Education and Engagement Projects are now open.

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