Agencies & Organizations

American Water Resources Association
This site has reviews of recently published books on water resources. Links to the Journal of the AWRA and Conference Proceedings are also available.

American Water Works Association
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

AWWA Research Foundation
The AWWA Research Foundation sponsors research for the drinking water community.

International Water Association

National Ground Water Association

National Water Resources Association
The National Water Resources Association is a nonprofit federation of state organizations concerned with the appropriate management, conservation, and use of water and land resources on a national scope.

University Council on Water Resources (UCOWR)

National Institute for Water Resources (NIWR)
Contains information on the National Water Resources Research Institutes program and connections to various state water institutes around the country. Each state has a unique water research program, specializing in different fields.

Water Environment Federation (WEF)

Auburn University Water Resources Center
Berkeley Water Center
California Institute for Water Resources
California State University Chico – Center for Water and the Environment
California State University Northridge – Center for Urban Water Resilience
Columbia Water Center
Desert Research Institute – Center for International Water and Sustainability
Emory University Center for Global Safe WASH
Florida A&M Center for Water and Air Quality
Fresno State Center for Irrigation Technology
Fresno State International Center for Water Technology
Grand Valley State University – Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute
Heidelberg University – National Center for Water Quality Research
Idaho Water Resources Research Institute
Iowa Water Center
Johns Hopkins Center for Water and Health
Marquette University Global Water Center
Maryland Water Resources Research Center
Michigan State University – MSU Center for Water Sciences
Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society
Minnesota State University Mankato – Water Resources Center
MIT Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy
Montana Water Center
Nebraska Water Center (Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute)
NOAA National Water Center (NWC) – University of Alabama
Ohio Water Resources Center
Oklahoma State – Oklahoma Water Resources Center
Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center
Rhode Island Water Resources Center
South Carolina Water Resources Center
Stanford University – Water in the West
State of Washington Water Research Center
Tennessee Tech University – Center for the Management, Utilization, and Protection of Water Resources
Tennessee Water Resources Research Center
Texas A&M Corpus Christi – Center for Water Supply Studies
Texas A&M Dallas Urban Water Program
Texas State University – The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
Texas Tech University Water Resources Center
Troy University Center for Water Resource Economics
University of Alaska Fairbanks – Water and Environmental Research Center
University of Arkansas – Arkansas Water Resources Center
University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center
University of California Los Angeles – Water Technology Research Center
University of California Davis – Center for Water-Energy Efficiency
University of California Irvine – WEX Center (Research at the Water-Energy Nexus)
University of California Riverside – Water Science and Policy Center
University of California San Diego – Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E)
University of California Santa Cruz – Center for Integrated Water Research
University of Delaware Water Resources Agency
University of Florida Water Resources Research Center
University of Hawaii at Manoa – Water Resources Research Center
University of Illinois Extension – Illinois Water Resources Center
University of Massachusetts Amherst – Water Resources Research Center
University of Memphis – Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research
University of Michigan Water Center
University of Minnesota Water Resources Center
University of Missouri Water Research Center
University of New Hampshire – UNH Stormwater Center
University of New Mexico – Utton Transboundary Resources Center
University of Oklahoma WaTER Center
University of Texas Austin – Center for Research in Water Resources
University of Washington Tacoma – Center for Urban Waters
University of Wisconsin Extension – Environmental Resources Center
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Center for Water Policy
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point – Center for Watershed Science and Education
Utah State University Extension – Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping
UTSA Center for Water Research
Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center
Virginia State University – 1890s Water Center
Virginia Water Resources Research Center

Central Colorado Water Conservancy District
The primary services provided to constituents include the operation of the Substitute Supply Plan of augmentation for approximately 1,000 irrigation wells, operation of numerous groundwater recharge sites, surface and groundwater quality research, water education activities for students and adults, lobbying at the state and federal levels, and review of water rights applications in the Division One Water Court.

Colorado River Water Conservation District

Denver Water

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
The District encompasses almost 1.6 million acres in portions of Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer, Weld, Morgan, Logan, Washington and Sedgwick Counties. Total value of agricultural production within District boundaries in 1996 was $357 million with a population within the District of approximately 530,000.

The City of Fort Collins Emergency Preparedness and Security

The Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
This site has reviews of recently published books on water resources. Links to the Journal of the AWRA and Conference Proceedings are also available.

The Southwest Water Conservation District
Information about the history of the Southwest Water Conservation District, an excellent list of water terms and definitions, and water information for the Four Corners area.

The Water Information Program
Public information program sponsored by the water districts, organizations and agencies in the San Juan and Dolores watersheds of Southwestern Colorado.

Citizens for San Luis Valley Water
Dedicated to ensure the prudent use of San Luis Valley water in conjunction with preservation of the agricultural, ecological, and recreational environment.

Clean Water Action – Colorado

Colorado Foundation for Water Education
Mission: “To promote better understanding of Colorado’s water resources and issues by providing balanced and accurate information and education.”

Colorado Section of the American Water Resources Association
The objectives of the Colorado Section of AWRA include: The advancement of water resources research, planning, development, management, and education; establishing a common meeting ground for scientists, engineers and other persons concerned with Colorado’s water resources; the collection, organization and dissemination of ideas and information in the field of water resources science and technology.

Colorado Water Congress
The mission of the Colorado Water Congress is to promote the wise management and stewardship of the state’s water resources for the benefit of Colorado’s present and future generations.

Colorado Watershed Assembly
Mission to support collaborative efforts to protect and improve the conservation of land and natural resources of Colorado Watersheds. Site includes a map of Colorado Watershed Groups

The Poudre Runs Through It

Roaring Fork Conservancy
Founded in November of 1996 as an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Roaring Fork River and its tributaries. The Conservancy addresses environmental concerns about the Roaring Fork River and its corridors that extend from Independence Pass to Glenwood Springs where it joins the Colorado River.

The South Platte River and Alluvial Aquifer

Water Education Colorado
The leading organization for informing and engaging Coloradans on water issues. The statewide community is connected by a deep appreciation for water and a love for the natural resources that make our state so exceptional.

Western Governors Association

Western States Water Council