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Colorado Water Legislator Webinar: Water Quality and Equity

May 11 @ 8:00 am - 8:45 am

Hosted by Audubon of the Rockies

Join Colorado’s water leaders for a legislator-focused discussion about our water future.

Clean and reliable water supplies are essential to our ways of life in Colorado. All of us depend on healthy flowing rivers: agricultural producers, cities and towns, businesses, recreation, and the environment.

2021 is a key year for Colorado water. Up ahead are the update of the Colorado Water Plan, the beginning of the renegotiation around the Colorado River, deepening drought, wildfire impacts, and performance of the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plans, a temporary yet broad agreement to reduce water use and ensure that Lakes Powell and Mead continue to provide a reliable water supply.

One thing is clear. We all play a role in sustaining Colorado’s water future. Join us in discussing its course.

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