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July 2020

Marcee Meinhardt

Student Spotlight

Marcee holding measuring snow
Marcee Meinhardt, Graduate of the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Shortly after Marcee Meinhardt transferred to CSU she set her ambitions for her education and career. The CSU academic community introduced her to unique intellectual opportunities, and she was excited to be in an atmosphere created by professors who are passionate about their students and their subject. She fell in love with fish and riparian habitats in her required ichthyology class, discovering a newfound passion of freshwater as a resource. She further honed in on freshwater resources working with Dr. Steven Fassnacht, Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and a 2019 CoWC Education and Engagement grantee, whose research focuses on snow and water availability.

Read more about Marcee and her water research.

Amy Kremen

Staff Spotlight

Amy Kremen, Research Project Manager, Soil and Crop Sciences; Project Manager, Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project Operations Manager, Irrigation Innovation Consortium; 2019 CoWC Water Education and Engagement grantee

Changes in life happen through connections. For Amy Kremen, it was her connection to farming and colleagues that brought her to her current position bridging the science of resource conservation with practical solutions for producers.

Kremen, originally from Maryland, thought about water in a starkly different way to her western water perspective. Her love of farmer’s markets and background in soil science drew her into the farming community. In her experience running a farm-to-table restaurant then becoming a farm apprentice and working as an organic farmer, she connected with Dr. Meagan Schipanski, 2016 CoWC Water Fellow. Their paths crossed several times throughout their careers studying cover crops in Maryland, soil science in New York, research in Africa, and work in Montreal.

Read more about Amy Kremen and her work on the Colorado Master Irrigator program.


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June 2020

Features — Hydrology Days 2020

40th Annual AGU Hydrology Days Conference Presentations
pg. 2

Remembering Dr. Jorge A. Ramírez: Contributions to Hydrological Sciences and Engineering
By Jose D. Salas and Matthew C. Carney
pg. 3

Fresh Snow Density from the Fort Collins Colorado Meteorological Station and New Measurements
By Marcee Meinhardt and Steven R. Fassnacht
pg. 7

Options for Optimizing Limited On-Farm Irrigation in the Northern Great Plains
By Louise H. Comas, Sean M. Gleason, Thomas J. Trout, Jon Altenhofen, Huihui Zhang, Kendall C. DeJonge, and Kyle R. Douglas-Mankin
pg. 10

Comparing the Field-Level Profitability of Irrigated Cropping Activities for Temporary Water Leases
By Daniel Mooney, Joey Blumberg, and Timothy Kelley

Fort Collins’s Forgotten Flood
By Tristan Purdy
pg. 16

The Hydro-Social Implications of Water Metaphors in Poetry: Transmogrification Challenges in an Example from the Medieval Spanish Romancero
By Mackenzie C. Warden, Steven R. Fassnacht, and Jonathan E. Carlyon
pg. 18