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September 2020

Kristen Cognac

Student Spotlight

Kristen Cognac, Doctoral Student, Department of Geosciences

“A switch flipped” for Kristen Cognac, describing how she found her niche in hydrogeology. Initially, she started her studies in environmental engineering but found herself fascinated by groundwater. After her undergraduate studies, she worked as an environmental consultant where she benefited from diverse mentors and honed in on hydrogeology as her next educational endeavor.

Read more about Kristen Cognac and her valuable hydrogeology research.

Dr. Tony Cheng

Faculty Spotlight

Tony Cheng, Professor, Department of Forest & Rangeland Stewardship; Director, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute; CoWC 2018 and 2019 Water Research Team grantee

Conflicts around forest land management have been at the center of Dr. Tony Cheng’s career. Early on he recognized the benefit of avoiding lengthy legal battles using collaboration as a primary method of solving natural resource disputes. He observed the success of Oregon’s voluntary multi-stakeholder approaches to conservation which also yielded social and economic benefits to rural communities. The solutions were developed through alliances between people who were physically linked through a shared place rather than relationships entirely dependent on legal delineations.

Read more about Dr. Cheng and his recent work in Colorado firesheds.


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In this issue…

June 2020

Features — Hydrology Days 2020

40th Annual AGU Hydrology Days Conference Presentations
pg. 2

Remembering Dr. Jorge A. Ramírez: Contributions to Hydrological Sciences and Engineering
By Jose D. Salas and Matthew C. Carney
pg. 3

Fresh Snow Density from the Fort Collins Colorado Meteorological Station and New Measurements
By Marcee Meinhardt and Steven R. Fassnacht
pg. 7

Options for Optimizing Limited On-Farm Irrigation in the Northern Great Plains
By Louise H. Comas, Sean M. Gleason, Thomas J. Trout, Jon Altenhofen, Huihui Zhang, Kendall C. DeJonge, and Kyle R. Douglas-Mankin
pg. 10

Comparing the Field-Level Profitability of Irrigated Cropping Activities for Temporary Water Leases
By Daniel Mooney, Joey Blumberg, and Timothy Kelley

Fort Collins’s Forgotten Flood
By Tristan Purdy
pg. 16

The Hydro-Social Implications of Water Metaphors in Poetry: Transmogrification Challenges in an Example from the Medieval Spanish Romancero
By Mackenzie C. Warden, Steven R. Fassnacht, and Jonathan E. Carlyon
pg. 18