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April 2021

Annika Weber

Student Spotlight

Annika Weber, Ph.D. Student, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition; Trainee, Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems Program (InTERFEWS)

Teaching English in Spain and conducting research in Dublin with an NSF grant inspired Annika Weber to shift from her biochemistry background to engage with people in her future career. Pursuing her master’s degree in nutrition in England, she tested soils in a community garden in a region with a large steel industry. This experience steered her interest in studying metals in soils, water, and crops.

Read more about Weber’s work studying the nutrition of rice.

Elizabeth Ryan

Faculty Spotlight

Associate Professor Elizabeth Ryan, Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Global access to clean water is a challenge we may never solve, but Dr. Elizabeth Ryan is working on solutions to help our bodies protect against bacterial and chemical pollution. After spending two years in Nepal with the Peace Corp and as a first-generation American whose family emigrated from India, Ryan’s awareness of the impacts of water-borne disease guided her research career.

Read more about Dr. Ryan and her work using food to promote health globally.

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December 2020

2019-2020 Colorado Water Center
Research, Education, and Engagement Projects

Patterns and Mitigation of Street Flooding in Denver, Colorado
By Aditi Bhaskar, Katie Knight, Stephanie Kampf, Sam Zipper, Greg Newman, Suren Chen, and Guangyang Hou
pg. 3

Characterizing Gene Flow of Non-native Brook Trout to Aid Colorado’s Largest Native Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project
By Audrey Harris and Yoichiro Kanno
pg. 6

Peering into the Future: The Evolution of Seasonal Snow in the Colorado Rocky Mountains
By Kristen L. Rasmussen, Graham A. Sexstone, Daniel McGrath, Glen Liston, Steven R. Fassnacht, Erin Dougherty, and Alison Kingston
pg. 9

Numerical Modeling of Evolving Recharge-discharge Sources in a Multi-aquifer System
By Michael Ronayne and Kristen Cognac
pg. 13

Colorado Master Irrigator: Fostering Farmer Engagement with Irrigation Technology and Advanced Water Management
Susie Hutton and Amy Kremen

Kids Using Water as a Metaphor to Write Poetry and Experience Nature
By Steven R. Fassnacht, Elayna (Ella) R. Bump, Jim Glenn, and Jonathan Carlyon
pg. 19

Watershed Assessment and Vulnerability Evaluations: Post-wildfire Land Health Assessments through a Hydrologic Lens
By Blake Osborn
pg. 22

The Drought of 2020 in Colorado
Russ Schumacher, Peter Goble, and Becky Bolinger
pg. 19

Research Experience and Mentorship Opportunities
By Nora Flynn
pg. 28

2020-2021 CSU Competitive Grant Program Awardees
pg. 29

CSU Water Research Awards
pg. 31

In Memory of Robert A. Longenbaugh
By Patricia J. Rettig
pg. 34

Recent USGS Publications
pg. 35