Jerry Vaske, PhD.


Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Fields of Expertise

Fish and Wildlife, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Statistics

Areas of Interest

Social psychological theories of wildlife management, Attitudes towards endangered/threatened species, Survey design and statistics


Dr. Jerry J. Vaske is a Professor of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources at Colorado State University and founding co-editor of the international journal Human Dimensions of Wildlife. For the last 40 years his research has focused on the application of social science theory and methodology to the concerns of natural resource managers and policy makers. Dr. Vaske has published over 175 articles in scientific journals and authored or co-authored 21 book chapters and 12 books. He recently completed a second edition of his book, Survey research and analysis. His primary teaching responsibilities at Colorado State University focus on research methodology and statistics. Specific topics range from survey design to applied multivariate analysis. Courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level emphasize understanding data manipulation techniques and what statistics are appropriate for addressing theoretical and applied natural resource problems.