Allan A. Andales, PhD.


Soil and Crop Sciences

Fields of Expertise

Data, GIS, and Modeling, Irrigation and Drainage

Areas of Interest

Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Systems, Development of best management practices for conserving water quantity and quality, Crop consumptive use


Dr. Allan A. Andales is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist of Irrigation and Water Science in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University (CSU). He has a joint appointment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at CSU. He has degrees from the University of the Philippines (BS Agricultural Engineering) and Iowa State University (MS and PhD Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources). His primary focus is on conserving soil and water resources. Research activities include the determination of crop consumptive water use with weighing lysimeters in the Lower Arkansas River Valley of Colorado, development of irrigation scheduling tools, precision irrigation, and computer modeling of agricultural systems (cropland and rangeland) to help make management decisions and extend site-specific research findings to other locations, management practices, or climate scenarios. Dr. Andales teaches two undergraduate classes: Irrigation Principles and Irrigation of Field Crops. He is a member of the CSU Extension Water Resource Management Team that engages the public in addressing agricultural and urban water issues in Colorado.