Marisa Bunning, PhD.

Professor and Extension Specialist

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Adjunct Professor

Colorado School of Public Health

Fields of Expertise

Education and Outreach, Microbiology, Science Communication, Water Quality and Treatment

Areas of Interest

Food safety communication, Consumer food handling behavior, High elevation food and water issues


As the complexity of our global food system increases, there is a continuing need for reliable and timely information regarding the safety of food and water. Dr. Bunning’s responsibilities, as a faculty member and Extension specialist, include serving as a technical resource for the state Extension network, preparing students with food safety skills necessary for careers in food science, nutrition, and public health, and providing science-based guidance for the public and commercial food producers. Dr. Bunning’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in biology from Cameron University, an M.S. from Oklahoma State University in plant physiology, and a PhD from CSU in food science/food safety. Dr. Bunning’s current projects are focused on researching and developing materials related to food safety guidance for youth audiences, high elevation challenges in food preparation and preservation, and improving produce handling practices of consumers.