Randall B. Boone, PhD.

Research Scientist

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Associate Professor

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Fields of Expertise

Ecosystem Dynamics

Areas of Interest

Landscape ecology, Biogeographical relationships, Species/habitat relationships, Wildlife and livestock mobility


Dr. Randy Boone has been with the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory for more than a decade and is a founding faculty member of the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. He is also a faculty member of the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology. Randall is a wildlife ecologist with training from Oregon State University and the University of Maine. He received his PH.D. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Maine in 1996. After completing graduate work at the University of Maine, he joined Colorado State University. His experience is diverse, with research in spatial analyses and GIS, ecosystem modeling, landscape ecology, database management, biogeographical relationships of birds and plants, species/habitat relationships, wildlife and pastoral livestock mobility, spectroscopy, cluster analysis, and telemetry techniques. Research projects are ongoing in Colorado, the contiguous US, Kenya, Mali, and Tibet.