Christopher T. Fisher, PhD.


Anthropology and Geography

Fields of Expertise

Anthropology, Climate Science, Data, GIS, and Modeling, History

Areas of Interest

Connection between human societies and environments


Chris Fisher is an archaeologist, professor of anthropology at Colorado State University, a National Geographic Explorer, and the founder of the Earth Archive. His early childhood was spent in Duluth Minnesota where he developed a love for wilderness canoeing, and his high school years in Spokane Washington. Chris is a first-generation college student and started his undergraduate career as a percussion performance major at Eastern Washington University where several quarters were spent pondering the triplets of Elvin Jones and the five figure ride pattern of Tony Williams. Through happenstance Chris enrolled in an archaeological field school and over the course of that summer become completely entranced with archaeology. A career shift followed with a change to anthropology. He earned a BA from Michigan State University and an MA and PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied under Gary Feinman. He has held academic positions at Arizona State University, Kent State University, and is currently a Professor of Anthropology at Colorado State University. Chris’s work explores the connection between human societies and environments through a variety of archaeological and earth science methodologies including geoarchaeology, full coverage survey, excavation, and remote sensing.