Andrew Warnock, PhD.


CNS Education & Outreach Center

Fields of Expertise

Education and Outreach, Geosciences

Areas of Interest

Informal science education, 3D visualization, Water education


Andrew had the good fortune to attend the Laboratory School at the University of Chicago for his primary education. John Dewey founded this experimental school in 1896 to explore his new constructivist approaches to education that included nature study, hands-on discovery, scientific inquiry, and creative play. The science program in the 1970’s was still heavily influenced by Dewey. One science teacher in particular, Illa Podendorf, designed innovative hands-on science curricula that were illustrated by Andrew’s next door neighbor, Robert Borja. May Theilgaard Watts’ take on Nature Study was also part of his early education and left a lasting impression on him. Today, Andrew strives to build on these legacies by designing rich hands-on scientific research experiences for families and secondary school students in close collaboration with CSU faculty.