John D. Stednick, PhD.

Professor Emiritus

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Fields of Expertise

Water Quality and Treatment

Areas of Interest

Forest hydrology, Natural disturbance effects on water resources


Dr. Stednick is faculty emeritus of Watershed Science in the College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. His area of interest is the understanding of land use effects and natural disturbances on water quality and quantity. He earned a B.S in Forest Sciences and a Ph.D. in Forest Resources, both from the University of Washington. Teaching experiences included both undergraduate and graduate courses as well as various professional courses in water resources. Recent research projects included: the effects of fire on water resources at different spatial and temporal scales; effects of coalbed methane water discharge on soil and water resources, effects of beetle killed forests on water quantity and quality, conjunctive use effects on water quality and streamflow timing, and the applicability of nutrient standards to forested streams. Before coming to CSU he worked as a U.S. Forest Service hydrologist in Alaska, with other professional experiences as a commercial fisherman, fire fighter, EMT, and logger.