Troy A. Bauder

Assistant Deputy Director

Agricultural Experiment Station

Fields of Expertise

Agriculture, Water Management and Planning, Water Quality and Treatment

Areas of Interest

Nutrient and irrigation management, Evaluation of best management practices, Sustainability practices at research centers


Troy Bauder is the Assistant Deputy Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. He is responsible for conducting statewide educational and applied research programs on water quality, especially related to protection of groundwater quality from impairment to agricultural chemicals. Research and outreach interests include nitrogen and irrigation management, particularly as related to ground water quality; irrigation water quality; socioeconomic factors affecting adoption of best management practices; aquifer sensitivity/vulnerability to nitrate and pesticide contamination on field regional scales; evaluation of atmometers for predicting reference evaporation; uses of linear polyacrylamide to prevent erosion in different environments; and limited irrigation. Extension and outreach work also includes ground water pollution prevention through private wellhead protection and improving irrigation management through improved record keeping and irrigation scheduling, particularly through ET-based methods. Troy Bauder received his B.S. degree in Agronomy and his M.S. in Soil Science from Colorado State University.