Amy Kremen

Research Project Manager

Soil and Crop Sciences

Fields of Expertise

Agriculture, Soil Science

Areas of Interest

Sustainable food systems


Amy has worked in agriculture for nearly two decades as a farmer, researcher, writer, editor, and policy consultant in the U.S. and Canada. She earned her MSc in soil science studying nitrogen capture and turnover from Brassica cover crops. The Ogallala Water CAP project’s main objective is to identify, develop and share information with producers and other key regional stakeholders on viable and profitable strategies, practices, and technologies critical for adaptive management and long-term agricultural sustainability in the Ogallala aquifer region. As project manager, Amy coordinates the work of the project's 40+ research collaborators and develop communications (print and digital) related to their work. Her role involves finding ways to pull in and connect input from farmers, groundwater management districts, extension and research site personnel and community stakeholders to guide and ground integrated research output from an interdisciplinary team of modelers (climate, hydrologists, cropping systems, economists), water engineers, irrigation specialists, agronomists, ecologists, sociologists and extension specialists.