Robin Rothfeder, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Policy

Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Fields of Expertise

Data, GIS, and Modeling, Policy, Water Management and Planning, Watershed Restoration and Management

Areas of Interest

Ecological planning, Interdisciplinary collaboration, Water and land use issues in the western US, Water-energy nexus


Robin Rothfeder is an Assistant Professor of Natural Resource Policy in the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department at CSU. Robin has a diverse interdisciplinary background, including undergraduate degrees in Environmental Science and Environmental Economics from the University of California-Berkeley, as well as a master’s degree in Environmental Humanities and a PhD in Ecological Planning from the University of Utah.

Robin's classes use social-ecological challenges and opportunities as the focal point for engaged, interactive learning experiences. His teaching at CSU includes Natural Resource History and Policy, Environmental Impact Analysis, Integrated Ecosystem Management, and other courses focused on community sustainability and natural resource planning and management. His research covers two broad topics: (a) collaboration in social-ecological systems, and (b) water resource planning, policy, and management, with a focus on the arid western US. In both areas, he takes an interdisciplinary and mixed methods approach aimed at meeting real-world community needs.

Outside of academia, Robin loves spending time with his family and their many pets. He is a certified yoga instructor and an avid outdoor enthusiast, with a particular love for kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, scuba diving, and skiing.