Eduardo Gutierrez-Rodriguez, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Fields of Expertise

Agriculture, Groundwater, Microbiology, Policy

Areas of Interest

Irrigation water treatments and water management, Adoption of new technologies to use, management and treatment of ground and surface water, Microbiology of irrigation water as it relates to food quality and safety, Microbial ecology of ground and surface water


Dr. Gutierrez-Rodriguez has over 20 years of research, extension and business experience in food safety focusing on fresh produce and minimally processed food environments. His research centers on understanding the microbial ecology of human pathogens within farm and food processing environments looking at microbial interactions, risk assessment and remediation practices that can sustain fruit and vegetable production and reduce transfer of human pathogens into the food supply chain. His involvement in the food industry in the Unites States and Latin America includes guiding research and development and quality assurance departments in the development of benchmarks for on-farm process validation, risk assessment, water quality, water management systems, irrigation water treatments, co-management, washing fresh produce, sanitation, bioremediation, and preservation practices. He has also worked with the food and chemical industry in the US assisting registration of antimicrobial products with FDA and EPA used for washing produce, treating irrigation water, sanitation of food contact surface and in the development of strategies to reduce transfer of pathogens and AMR within diversified farming systems and ready to eat foods.